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Mud Daubers

This group of wasps gets its name from the fact that they construct their nests with mud. They are typically nuisance pests and can be found throughout the United States.

Mason and Potter Wasps

These wasps get their name due to the fact that they make their nest out of mud or clay in the form of a ceramic-like pot or jug. In an urban setting they are occasional nuisance pests.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps get their name from the paper like material from which they build their nests. It has been suggested that they be called Umbrella wasps based on the umbrella shape of their nests. In the urban settings these usually unaggressive wasps are a nuisance pest.


Yellowjackets get their name from their typical black and yellow color pattern. They are worldwide and also are about 16 species occurring in the United States.

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